A site has appeared for novice players Eve Online

MMORPG Eve Online is one of those games that requires a very cool learning curve. Many elements of the gameplay, the choice of career and game styles can be quite complicated for new players, so CCP Games has developed the EVE Academy.

Eve Academy is a new website that is aimed at directing to direct New players through the career paths they have chosen in the hope of giving them a good start.

"In Eve Academy, you will find links to four ways, representing some of the high -level goals and styles of the game, which you need to strive for as a researcher, Industrialist, security forces (PVE) or soldier of good luck (PVP). On each way, you will get skills plans, examples of installing ships for beginners and carefully selected links to the resources created by the EVE Online community. "

Currently, the website is under beta testing, and basic content already Available for everyone who needs help in achieving their goals in Eve Online. In the coming months, the leadership will be expanded, and will also be updated by new information as new functions are added to the game. Reviews of both new and existing players will also be used to improve EVE Academy. EVE Academy itself can be found here.

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