Activision Blizzard shareholders voted to purchase Microsoft

There are two large news about the Activision Blizzard for today, on the eve of the voting of shareholders this week, on the proposed redemption of Microsoft.

Activision Blizzard King (ABK) shareholders voted for the proposed acquisition of Microsoft at the beginning of this week, at this week The majority voted for the deal. As noted earlier, Microsoft will buy all ABK shares at a price of $ 95 per piece for a total of $ 69 billion in cash. With the blessing of shareholders, both companies can now begin the final finalization of the mergers, which may be precisely what ABK needs to get to their feet again.

"The current overwhelming majority of our shareholders voted for sharing that we share The confidence that together with Microsoft we will be in an even better position to create great value for our players, even greater opportunities for our employees and continue our desire to become an inspirational example of a hospitable, respectful and inclusive workplace, "said Activision Director General Blizzard Bobby Kotik.

still does not know anything about what will happen to Bobby Kotik after the transaction is concluded and the relay wand will be handed over to the Microsoft Gaming Director and Xbox Chapter Filu Spencer.

As for leadership, Holly Longdale, the leader of World of Warcraft Classic, was appointed new executive producer as classical, t AK and the retail version of MMORPG. Its increase will not have a great influence on the current dynamics of leadership, since John Hazzikostas and John Hait will still retain their current posts of the game director and general manager of the Warcraft franchise, respectively.

"For me it is a great honor to work with this team and These games. My heart rejoices! We welcome the future that we will continue to build together - both players and teams, "Longdale wrote on Twitter.

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