Activision investors find out whether the gap with Bungie is related to fraud

Two days ago, Activision and Bungie announced the imminent separation of their long -standing partnership, which transferred the rights to the publication of the franchise back to Bungie itself. Bungie was full of plans to supplement and continue the existing road map, and Blizzard assured everyone that Destiny 2 would remain in Battlenet.

, apparently, some investors began to fear about such a split and began to consider it as a group lawsuit. "The investigation concerns whether Activision was engaged in some of its officials and/or directors with fraud with securities or other illegal methods of doing business," the press release of lawyers says.

In particular, yesterday price shares fell by 13%. The company lost almost 20% last year after the "disappointing" launch of Forsaken and Blizzcon bombs. As we have already reported, the financial director of Activision was recently dismissed, and then moved to Netflix.

Some investment analysts call Activision "Secret Restructuring" and expect that income from Blizzard's main publications will continue to decline in 2019 .

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