After 6 years of development, Crowfall finally went to PC

After more than six years of development, millions of dollars of contributions and many delays in MMORPG CROWFALL, it finally reached PC.

artcraft Entertainment announced the PVP MMORPG / RTS "Simulator for the throne for the throne" in January 2015 After that, in March of the same year, a campaign for Kickstarter worth $ 800,000 followed. The campaign ended with the total financing of 1,766,205 dollars. The studios also managed to get additional funding from investors and collaterals on the official website.

"Gamers who want to take a fresh look at the PVP battles, they will feel like at home in Crowfall with an innovative design that transfers them to constantly The changing worlds of the campaign, each of which has different maps, politics and sets of rules. "

" Crowfall is a new line of online game, "said the creative director of the project. "He was conceived as a constantly changing, dynamic feudal world. The plot of Crowfall will be written by players. They will apply for the territory, build massive fortifications, besiege their neighbors, conclude alliances and overthrow empires. Their affairs will become the history of this world. "

the launch itself went without a bitch and a bitch, although the team is still following the servers to make sure that everything is in order. As for the Crowfall business model, Artcraft has always planned to release the Buy-to-Play game with an additional monthly VIP subscription. Players can also buy various cosmetic objects, land, buildings and jewelry using crows, premium game currency.

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