Age of Wushu: New combat mode

Last week, the developer Snail Games added a new game mode for the Chinese server Age of Wushu (legends of Kung Fu), which is very similar to the popular Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This clearly made an impression and interested.

This is what it became known about the new Battle Royale mode:

  • The map displays a maximum of 50 players.
  • All players They arrive from heaven, using something like a glider.
  • At the beginning of the match, all players are under equal terms and have similar characteristics and equipment.
  • In order to get new skills and equipment items, To search for various drawers and bodies of the dead NPS (of course, other players will look for them).
  • The game zone is filled with various natural disasters (barriers): meteors, snowstorms, hurricanes from which the player will need to hide.
  • naturally, you will not find any vehicles here, only horses.
  • Although the regime is focused on hostilities, martial arts are the main military system here. Players can get a rare guide, but they need to quickly study the moves to use the entire set of skills. But there is no time.
  • You can use various skills and potions that help players merge with the situation.
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