Albion Online: announces about increasing the Outlands card

Last month, MMORPG Albion Online announced that it works on a large -scale processing of the Outlands game map, which will significantly increase the size of the world, but with the influx of new players after the recent transition of the game to the free version, this seems to be a timely update. To this end, the developers announced the imminent release of an update based on the current model of a map, which will add three new regions to Outlands.

These three regions: Siluria, Western Glite and Eastern Delay, which will be located north of the current Outlands. They are approximately "equivalent to the size and cost" of Cambria, West England and Eastern England, which means that they should provide new players with great opportunities to claim some pieces of the world for themselves. The update should begin during the 6th season GVG, which is currently planned at the beginning of May, and the territories in the new regions will become in demand. , any territories and locks that players in the new lands own, will not make seasonal glasses this season, but will be included in the following.

All information about the new land renewal, including how to get Access to new zones, when they appear next month, you can read in the full announcement on the official website of the game.

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