Albion Online: Preparing for Free-to-Play

Oberon was kind to Albion Online. The update on March 20, apparently provoked a large jump in users for not a two-year game, and you know, this is good, because the developers placed the actual numbers and schedule. In 2019, no one does that. But Sandbox Interactive only did this, and it seems that this week the game collected about 17,000 players per day, when before that it hesitated about 10,000 -1 000.

and this before the game will become Free this week (April 10).

"We expect this change will bring a large number of new players to the game, and we are already preparing to ensure that this new stage will go as smoothly as possible," - The developers write. "Until now, improvements include updating our server equipment and optimizing gaming code. But, even if everything goes smoothly from a technical point of view, we know from the release in 2017 that there may be a moment when certain zones - in particular, some of the initial cities of the game and surrounding areas - may clog. This situation is significantly improved as new players are distributed more evenly throughout the game world, as well as after a hype on the first day (when players often spend sessions lasting 10 hours or more). "

In other words, in other words, in other words, in other words, The game may be too popular - expect the queues. The studio even published a schedule of activity to help people understand when the lines will probably be the shortest.

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