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The annual award ceremony of The Game Awards this year was just like Santa Claus on New Year's Eve. If for some reason you missed (overslept) this event, you missed a bunch of new announcements. Here is all that was announced.

Surgeon Simulator 2will be released in 2020. The continuation of 2013 in the genre of comedy physics has increased significantly. It seems that you should be responsible for the body, since it makes your way through a medical institution, and the operation is the final goal of a long and difficult trip. The game also has a cooperative.

The game in the "Run and Shoot"ControlI just got a new free game mode called Expections. It is designed for combat trials for the Control Hardcore players installed in Threshold and award the winners with powerful mods.


soundtrackCyberpunk 2077will undoubtedly become important part of the game. This is noticeable, because they gathered at the trailer of all Atikstov. There is no guns n 'roses, but Grimes, Nina Kraviz and Tina Guo are all involved in creating the sound for future mods.

Survival gameThe ForestPreparing to continue under the name Sons of the Forest. There is very little information, but the trailer is definitely worth a look. The terrible oddity of the main game is preserved in it.

Microsoft introduced its next Xbox, Xbox Series X. It looks like a multimedia PC and has a 4K sound at 60FPS and up to 120FPS, if You do not need additional pixels. The controller will work on the PC and has a built -in "Share" button. Expected to see it by the end of 2020.


The next addition tothe Elder Scrolls Onlinewill lead you to Skyrim... at some point. Until Season of the Dragon ends with The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr and The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragonold, recently released.

Playing the open worldManeatersuddenly surfaced during the show. You will play the shark, trying to smooth out the disagreements between the shark and humanity, to eat, to develop and still exist. The exit in May 2020.

Nine to Five-the online player "Three Against three". Small teams should help promote command work on camper operators, and previous levels change the setting of future levels. Another release of 2020.

final fantasy VII Remakealso lit up on the show. This is an exclusive for PS4 to 3/3/21. And then it is not entirely clear what will happen next to him.

"Humankind" The grandiose historical strategy took the way to the "Civilization" and it will go to the " The next year, and there are several huge cities in it.

Godfall- a cooperative militant from a large number of production. The shows did not show intra -game personnel, but this is how it looks in the developer's dreams. It is scheduled for the end of 2020.

"senua’s saga: Hellblade 2" found everyone by surprise. This is a continuation of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It was officially announced only for Xbox Series X, but it is quite possible that it will appear on PC.

proto- the next game from Pubg Corp And Brendana Green, who gave the world to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. All that is known is that this is something new and that it does not have a release date.

naraka: blackepointFunny multiplayer action movie but with many bright movements and incredible physics. Whenever it was in 2020, it is worth looking at it.

Weird Westis an exciting cowboy simulator from Raphael Colantonio, one of the leading developers Dishonored and Prey. The release date is a mystery.

Warframe- a game that has been so lively that the developers released their last update during the show. If you go to the game now, you can see flying spacecraft Empyrean updates.

The new initiative of Riot Games is already working. Two games in the Universe of League of Legends were announced.ruined King: a league of legends story- step by step RPG.

andconfuse: a league of legends Story- this is a platformer with an absurd name. It is still unknown when it will come out.

New World, MMO from Amazon Game Studio, finally acquired the release date - May 2020.

the wolf among uscrawled out of the fragments of Telltale Games, making a long night a little brighter, but the release date is also unknown.

Fast & Furious Crossoads- team game. It is expected - May 2020.

GEARS TACTICS- a step -by -step tactical game. Scheduled for April 28, 2020.

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