Allods online - March 23 Updating and opening a new server

March 23, 2017 will become memorable for the players of "Alloda Online", because on this day the new frontier server will be opened. The main difference between the new server will be the moment that all the characters that appeared on it will receive an excellent start in the form of increased experience three times, in addition, at the start they will be able to get excellent powerful equipment.

The main idea of ​​this server, to help, help Those players who returned to the game or are just going to return after a long absence. And also it is designed for those players who simply do not want to pull time, but want to quickly plunge into high -level content, slipping through the intermediate stages.

But this is far from all the same. After all, on March 23, 2017, "Allods Online" will meet a new "Creation" update. The update will bring a new season to the game, a change in a mechanic, improved classicity of classes and the appearance of artifacts. You can get more detailed information by visiting the official website of "Allods Online".

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