Alpha test Asshes of Creation is postponed due to other MMOs

Intrepid Studios decided to postpone the second alpha test MMORPG Asshes of Creation for June due to the fact that the start date coincides with the launch of the two main MMO films, namely, Blackwood for Elder Scroll Online and The Burning Crusad World of Warcraft Classic.

Creative Director Stephen Sharif explains in his last update for developers:

"Several new launches for other popular games were announced and the date coincided with our Testing June 1. According to our estimates, approximately 25% of our current testing pool is active players in these games combined, "he said. "This fact makes our testers choose between participation in our test environment (which will be a long and difficult task) or a game in addition to their friends in other popular games."

Sharif also quoted the influence, which other launches of additions can be provided in the media of the alpha test, saying that he would not want the creators of content and the press to choose between ASHES of Creation and other MMO. He noted earlier, this testing period is very important. This will require not only participation, but also attention and feedback, both from our test audience, and from the wider ASHES of Creation community and the general public, "added Sharif.

Other factors, such as returning to your office and the need for additional testing, also influenced the decision of the ball to transfer the period of testing for a month. However, the first alpha test will not be affected and continue in accordance with the schedule this weekend.

"I know that this is not perfect, and you can’t imagine how it hurts me to disappoint our community, but I am obliged to make these difficult decisions to guarantee the success of the test, "said Sharif.

You can find more detailed information on the official Asshes of Creation website. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the last stream of developers, which presents the preliminary alpha version of the game process of the raid on the boss.

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