Amazon collaborates with Disruptive Games

Amazon Game Studios continues to expand its publishing portfolio by concluding a publishing agreement with the American independent Disrupting Games studio. Currently, the studio is working on the AAA UE5 multiplayer adventure game, and has been developed taking into account both the cooperative and competitive gaming process.

"The studio is concentrated on multi -user games that immerse players in living worlds" ,-says the official press release of Amazon. "Amazon Games also has several undeclared projects in the development of both their own studios and with other external developers, including GlowMade, an independent studio based in Gilford, England."

in the press in the press -Lings not directly saying whether the "super -secret project" of MMO is, but we will find out about this soon when Amazon begins to do small announcements.

Disrupting Games is an independent development studio consisting of industry veterans and founded by the former leader of the multiplayer game by Insomniac Games Eric Ellis. Currently, the studio hires both remote and local developers for an undeclared game.

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