Amazon is going to fight AFK players in New World

The week passed and the MMORPG New World from Amazon is still the winner of the charts: on Sunday evening, the number of simultaneous players exceeded 913000, which means that getting into the game can still be very difficult. To facilitate part of this pressure, Amazon makes changes to its AFK detection system to help find "unscrupulous AFK players."

Amazon did not say exactly how the AFK New World Timer lasts, that is, how long players can to inactive in the game before they are thrown out of the game to make room for someone else, but there was some PCGAMER testing immediately after launch, and it turned out that this time is 25 minutes: the notice appears in the upper right corner of the screen after 20 minutes inaction, and if you are still standing and doing nothing, you are thrown into the main menu and you again have to play the "Come Simulator".

But naturally some players came up with ways to avoid AFK to stay in the game , even when they do not play actively. As a result, servers are filled to one degree or another artificially, since people take places that they really do not use, and this is not very fun for those who want to play and continue to wait for the turn.

"We We saw a lot of disappointments in relation to people who can remain artificially active on servers to avoid automatic removal from the game for AFK built into the New World, "the community manager at the New World forums wrote. "Of course, we agree that this is unacceptable behavior, especially when there are a large number of players who patiently wait to get into the game. We have created a new solution that will help us identify AFK unscrupulous players and take measures against them.

We will not reveal the details of how it will work, but let's say that we are completely sure that players who are They usually play New World, they will not experience any problems. Initially, falling into a trap using our new detection system will lead to a quick flight to the main menu. If the behavior continues, more severe punishment measures will be applied. " Most of the answers are a complaint that the problem is not in the attackers of AFK, but in a lack of server capacity and, as a result, a long time to wait in line, which, according to many, is the reason that they are AFK, and do not leave the system. There are also some calls to the "preferential period" for players re -joining the game that presumably allow them to skip the queues and immediately return to it.

We are beaghingining to roll Out Specific Actions Against Afk Timer Subversions. Find More Information in the Link Below6ppacf2qkkn

- New World (@Playnewworld) October 3, 2021

Amazon also recently announced the start of a new server status page, which will allow players to see which players will allow players to see which The servers are on the network, offline, are filled or undergoing maintenance, and will no longer allow the creation of new characters on filled servers, which is another effort aimed at facilitating the load.

It may take some time before, before, before. How the players see the results of this new AFK detection system, since Amazon stated that it would "be disclosed during a certain period of time."

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