Amazon New World output to September 28, 2021

Yesterday, Amazon Game Studios announced that the launch of MMORPG New World was postponed to September 28, 2021. Previously, the release of the game was scheduled for August 31. This delay arose after a successful closed beta testing, during which more than a million players tried the game. The reason for the delay is that the developer wants to implement players' reviews after the ZBT, as well as slightly improve the game. The full version of the application can be seen below:

a message from the New World Team. OAZDK7DXTN

- New World (@Playnewworld) August 4, 2021

This is not the first delay for New World. Initially, the game was scheduled for May 2020, but since then it has been postponed many times, and the main game process has also changed several times. The current version of the game really seems popular because during beta testing New World exceeded 200,000 simultaneous players in Steam.

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