Amazon publishes a new trailer for New World output

Amazon Game Studios have already made many MMORPG New World trailers, which has less than a week left on the PC. The new trailer is the final video in the Legends series and gives the players another look at the mysterious world of Aeternum before the game officially releases on September 28.

as for the launch itself, it is expected that it will become one of the largest launches of MMORPG In recent years, and Amazon has been under pressure to provide the best game they are capable of, especially with the abolition of several original Amazon games over the past few years, Crucible, Breakaway and MMO "The Lord of the Rings" among them.

"Send only when you are ready," said Vice President Amazon Games. "That's why we had so many New World delays, we really wanted to make sure that this time we will do everything right."

Amazon Games also hopes that the launch of New World "will show what Amazon is capable of Games "and will pave the way for future games, including Lost Ark."

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