An artist armed with a massive brush will appear in the MMORPG LOST ARK

If the pen is stronger than the sword, then the giant brush should be even cooler, right? Get to know the artist, a new class that will appear in the Korean version of MMORPG Lost Ark and, we hope, also on our side of the world.

armed with a massive brush, the artist amazes enemies with large masses of ink and huge brushing aoe attacks. She can also cause images of Koi fish, tigers and cranes to attack his enemies.

In addition to managing the crowd, the artist apparently also acts as a support class. The trailer for the new class Smilegate shows how the artist paves an ink mark that increases the speed of movement of group members, and also creates a kind of shield or buff.

the new class is expected to appear on January 12, 2022. Below you can see the artist in action immediately after the jump.

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