Announced the Starkeepers Mmoarpg

Apparently, the survival game is returning this year, since another one was announced at the IGN Expo exhibition. Starkeepers, developed by Wolfpack Games studio, is a future MMOoARPG for survival with a low-polygonal visual style and inspired by Vikings Anthropomorphic animals named Astrala as the main characters.

"Plunger into the dynamic MMOOOARPG Pesary and the world of the preparations prepared Turn around mythological epic. Prove your value as a star keeper, fight cosmic threats and restore balance in the astral kingdoms. " Wandering around multi -senior to interfere with space creatures and their insidious plans. Players will also be able to join different fractions with their motives and plans for multivate. They will also be able to build clan fortresses that they can protect using bastions and various weapons, including turrets, installed guns and traps.

"Actions have consequences. Both individual and group solutions affect how the narrative unfolds every season, "Wolfpack said. "The dynamic system of tasks returns an element of surprise. Set with common goals, open hidden roads that you do not walk on, or become scammers, you are outlining your own epic story. "

Starkeepers is scheduled for 2023. In the meantime, you can see the official trailer for the world premiere Starkeepers.

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