Announcement of cooperative role -playing game Inkbound

The American independent developer SHINY SHOE, most famous thanks to the Roguelike Monster Train, which was awarded awards, announced a new cooperative role -playing game in the Roguelike - Inkbound genre, which will appear on Steam next year. A game called Inkbound combines elements of role -playing games and step -by -step strategies with a unique storyline.

"Inkbound is a cooperative role -playing game in the Roguelike genre, whose action unfolds in a world where stories come to life. Unknown force begins to unleash these stories and worlds that they create. You and your friends must protect them. Discover the magical athenum and endless worlds contained inside to protect it and become a legendary hero. "

In these stories you will go to generated adventures, where you have to fight with various colorful mobs and bosses. You can create your own abilities and assemblies, and various paths will be available to you during each passage. Each path will have various risks and potential rewards that you will have to weigh in order to successfully pass and survive.

"This is a living game that gives us the opportunity to develop our community in the long term," - Said the general director of Shiny Shoe Mark Cook. "Our goal is to present new surprises every week - whether it be new deadly enemies, powerful booty or even completely new biomes. We want to attract players who like our games and find new reasons to continue to play in them to remember them with love in 20 years. "

it is planned that the game will be released in the early access early 2023, and alpha testing will begin somewhere in the next few months. In the meantime, you can see the trailer for the official announcement below. You can also register to participate in the upcoming beta testing on the official website and add the game to the list of desired in Steam.

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