Announcement of Hearthstone additions "coated by stormgrad"

Blizzard Entertainment announced the following addition to the Hearthstone KKI "Closed by the Stormgrad", which will be released on August 3. The addition includes 135 new cards for the collection card game, inspired by World of Warcraft, including new Questline cards for each of the available classes.

"With the output of the" Acted Stormgrad ", the 2nd phase of the year of the Griffin will begin . On this phase, large -scale innovations are planned for the "fields of battles", including the release of decorative objects, updating types of creatures and a regular release of new content. We will also continue to release regular updates for duels, shocks and adventures. And finally, during the 2nd phase of the year of the griffin, the mercenaries will take place! "

In the upcoming addition, a new keyword, accessible for trade, instruments of professions and maps of maonnes.

"All 10 classes will gain access to chains of tasks that will tell you about the adventures of the mercenary in Stormgrad corresponding to the class of the mercenary. Tasks of tasks are legendary spells that you find in your hand at the beginning of the match. Their execution is divided into three stages. For the implementation of each stage of the chain of tasks, you will receive a reward, and the most valuable reward will be the powerful legendary creature. "

" "Acted by the Stormgrad" reflects the magic of many unforgettable moments that the players experience, increasing the level of the World of Warcraft ", - said Blizzard President. "This cult setting is an ideal place to continue the stories that we told the Griffin during the year, and we think that the players will be delighted with all the new mechanics that he inspired."

The addition is already available for preliminary order. More information can be found on the official website Blizzard.

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