Anthem: announcement of plans after launch

about two weeks left before the release of the multi-user science fiction shooter Anthem from Bioware, but the developers are already discussing testing and the future of the game. To give players an idea of ​​what they can expect within a few months after the launch of the game, the developers have released a kind of road map, although right now it describes only the first of the three "acts" that will unfold to expand the world of Anthem, narration and the narrative gameplay.

This first act called "Echoes of reality" will begin in March, and although the details of what exactly will entail is vague, it is divided into three separate updates: "Developing World", " Stronger together "and" cataclysm ". The contents of each update are currently a mystery, but at least some of the new content and opportunities that players can count, including new events, improved quality of life, an extended development system, a new citadel, guilds and the capabilities are also listed in the roadmap. Lists of leaders, new missions and ominously named cataclysm. We hope that in the coming weeks we will learn more about BioWare plans for this first act, but now you can familiarize yourself with the last video. The first video is devoted to the final content of the game, and the second exit anthem.

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