Anthem: Anthem Next development is suspended

More recently in February of this year, Electronic Arts leaders began their recount of rebooting the Anthem shooter from Bioware, Anthem Next to decide whether to continue the project or abandon it. The leaders made a decision, and it seems that BioWare will not have a chance to correct everything by restarting a multi-user online player. However, Anthem will continue to work, despite the difficult story of the game and disappointing reviews.

"In the spirit of transparency and closed, we wanted to share the difficult decision to stop our new development Anthem (also known as Anthem Next)."

"2020 was unlike any other year, and although we continue to achieve progress in the implementation of all our gaming projects in BioWare, work from the house during the pandemic Covid-19 influenced our productivity, but everything, but everything, What we planned as a studio, "said Christian Daley, director of BioWare Studio.

" I know this will disappoint the Anthem players community, which were glad to see the improvements we are working on, "he added. "It also disappoints the team that has done brilliant work. For me personally, Anthem is what brought me to BioWare, and the last two years have been one of the most difficult and fruitful events in my career. "

The director of the studio says that now they will focus their efforts on strengthening The following Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, while continuing to provide Star Wars: The Old Republic high -quality updates.

more on the official website of BioWare.

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