Anthem: Update and protest of players

It turns out that BioWare and EA did not want to wait for Tuesday to shake their new Anthem project: instead they added an update on Saturday. To the first view, a boring patch with a long list of errors, removing restrictions on resurrection, increasing the damage for several types of weapons, the community of players stirred. Pay attention to the time of the update: "Changes in the trophies-ordinary (white) and unusual (green) trophies will no longer fall for players of the 30th level." Let's just say that this is not a loot forms the desired base of the players. Players want to get better prey, not less prey in general.

So, Anthem players are currently busy riots on Reddit, where discussion with almost 8,000 comments urgently calls for gamers to protest against the changes associated with falling out Trophies, especially if they do not play from today to 15.

"Express your point of view, just like that. Stop playing the game for the whole week to show BioWare that everything we need to really enjoy the game is to get prey "

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