Apex Legend: Fans to stand during the battles will be punished

How annoying it is when someone joined your team in the APEX Legends shooter, and then just left AFK, but it will soon be left.

Apex Legends, focused on The teams of three people make it unique among their comrades in the genre, and in most cases it is a system that works quite well. But when you unite with someone who does not contribute, just hoping to get a little experience from the success of their teammates, this may disappoint.

The guys from Respawn know about this, and in their last message On Reddit, they promised to take measures to stop this kind of players' behavior.

according to their definition, the AFK state means that the player does not move, does not collect weapons and does not shoot-not because he has nothing It turns out that he simply does not participate at all, but still receives a reward for the efforts of the team.

"Having looked at the data and internal discussions, we decided that in the future we will begin to introduce temporary prohibitions for players who show such behavior , and extreme cases can lead to a constant ban, "the report said. "These changes will not be immediate, but we would like to give such players the time so that they can change their behavior."

in any case, if you like AFK during the battles, this is a warning for you. P>

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