Apex Legends adds a new legend and arena 3 to 3

The Royal Battle of Apex Legends received a major update with the addition of a new arena of 3 to 3 for those who prefer small battles. Here's how it works:

"Arena is a new permanent game mode. In it, the entire chaos of the Royal Battle of 20 detachments will be ordered to more thoughtful battles "3 to 3". You will fight the enemy without the intervention of other detachments that can ruin everything, and you can focus on survival and victory. Here you can take part in several rounds that will take place to the last surviving detachment. "

Matches in the arena are held in the existing locations of the Royal Battle of Kanyon Kings, At the edge of the world and Olympus with the addition of two new user cards: a sudden party and voyage. In the future, it is planned to add more cards.

The renewal of "Heritage" also represents a new legend named Valkyrie, the new weapon "Boats", the updated Olympus map and the new combat pass of the Heritage. The update is already available in Steam, Origin, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

See the trailers below to find out about the update of the "Heritage". You can also switch to the official website of the APEX Legends for additional information.

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