Apex Legends: Battle Pass details and new game mode are disclosed

So far, everything we know about the upcoming Battle Pass from the Royal Battle of Apex Legends is that it exists and will be presented in the game when its first season will begin in March. But the Datamainers excavated some information, which suggests that it will be available in both free and paid versions. This is really not a particularly innovative discovery - since many games like PUBG and FORTNITE use similar models, and now to some extent it has become the standard to provide paid and unpaid battle options, with paid options they usually add more abundant or exclusive awards.


Perhaps more interesting, is evidence that the game will receive a new mode, previously known as recruit ("newborn"). The analysis of the game code, apparently, indicates that in this mode, three teams of 20 players will fight each other, and the revival of the murdered player will recruit him to your team. In addition, it seems that the standard rules of the royal battle are applied, and the last team set-off will bring victory to its team.

while Respawn Entertainment did not provide any official information about any of these data-and probably probably , will not tell anything in the near future, recently the developer released the second patch of the game dedicated to increasing the stability and performance of the game. For both PC and the console version of the game, several particularly unpleasant mistakes were corrected, including one that gave the abilities of the Mirage literally destructive power for a potential failure of the game, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions received several improvements to console-specific stability.

o, and perhaps you heard about the player’s initiative so that Respawn adds a skin for a patio, so that he looks like a chapping, a robot from the 2015 Nile Blomkamp film? Well, more and more it is possible that this really can happen, since the general director of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zapopell and Blomkamp himself expressed their approval. Of course, there is nothing official, and probably there are a number of problems with licensing that you need to figure out first of all, but, this is only the beginning.

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