Apex Legends: Craft system and new legend

The 6th season of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends starts on August 18, as shown in the starting trailer below. This is a slightly cunning update, as it introduces craft into the Royal Battle of Respawn. The star of the trailer is a new legend, the ramp, described on the APEX website as "an expert on modifications, made itself a name in underground battles." And a welding mask, which suggests that she is an engineer. In season 6, new items for combat passes and a new Wolt weapon will also appear, with which you may be familiar if you played Titanfall 2.

Although the rampart looks like it is versed in the workbench, You will not need to choose it to use the new craft system. In addition, you can find materials on the entire map, which can then be used in new equipment.

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