APEX Legends: First events

It would not be correct to think that the developers of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends reached their goal a few days ago, when they announced that they reached 10 million players (and one million simultaneous players) only 72 hours after their release. Nevertheless, the rapid growth of the game continued, having reached the stunning of 25 million players with a peak of 2 million simultaneous players, according to the latest announcement from the general director of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zapopella.

Since the popularity of the game continues to grow, the developers are closely monitoring the community and listen to the reviews and offers of the players, says Zapopell. Despite the fact that the developers are not entirely ready to announce that they planned for their project, Zampella reports that "we look at changes based on the reviews of the players and experience."

In addition, the first official events of APEX Legends should take place in the very near future:

- First, Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge. With the support of Twitch, Rivals Apex Legends Challenge competitions will work on Tuesday, February 12 and on Tuesday, February 19, with the 48 largest Twitch streamers performing APEX Legends. The event will be broadcast from the APEX Legends channel to Twitch: www.twitch.tv/playapex.

at the end of this week, APEX Legends will celebrate Valentine's Day, introducing several thematic valentines with limited valentine's day time.

- Well, the first season will start in March, representing the debut of Battle Pass, as well as new legends, weapons, production and much more.

Although we will have to wait to see What is still waiting for Apex Legends beyond the horizon, we can definitely expect great success in the future of the game.

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