Apex Legends: How the rating leagues work

The second season of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends adds rating leagues. The developer spoke in detail about what purpose the rating leagues were created and what they will bring to you.

So, the rating leagues were created in order not only to award competing players, but also to the competition between rivals on equal terms . The rating leagues will be held seasonally, and these periods will be called series. The first series starts in July, and ends in September.

So, six categories are included in the rating league: "bronze", "silver", "gold", "platinum", "diamond" and "higher predator". In addition, all categories except the "highest predator" have 4 stages from IV to I. If you want to start a long journey to the highest category, you will have to start with bronze IV, go to bronze I, and then do the same in silver, Gold, platinum and diamond.

You will increase the rating by earning a ranking glasses, and the winnings are quite simple:

Each murder: 1 RO (maximum 5 per match)




TOP 10 accommodation: 2 RO

TOP 5 accommodation: 4 RO

Top 3 placement: 7 r

Victory: 12 r





Rating glasses (RO), awarded for the location, does not add up. That is, you will not receive 12 RO for victory, plus 7 RO for placement in the TOP-3 and so on. This means that the maximum number of points that can be earned in one match is 17 RO for five murders and victory.

You must also spend RO to play in rating matches, and the cost increases with each rank, Making progress more difficult than you rise higher:

bronze: free

silver: 1 r

gold: 2 r

platinum : 3 r

diamond: 4 r

Apexa predator: 5 r

as an example, say, you earned a sufficient amount of RO to assign gold II second The level of gold is in size. If you play in a ranking match and scored two killings, but did not get into the top 10, you will receive 0 rok for the match. If you have not scored a single point at all, you will lose an entrance fee 2 RO. low rank. As soon as you get into gold, you will remain in gold until you reach platinum.

You can find out all the details of the new rating regime on the official page of the project.

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