APEX Legends: Information is not truth

People really love the Royal Battle of Apex Legends, and this is a natural human impulse to delve into the files of the game in order to find all conceivable shreds of information that can be under development. It got to the point that the developers took upon themselves the subtitable of the game to remind the players that they definitely understand the love of data analysis, but the information found in them is simply extracted from data files, and is not absolutely true:

Since the launch of the APEX, there are many things that spread over the Internet. We know that it is funny to dig and reason, but you should not relate to this information as a true source. There are things that are very old, or the things that we have tried in the past and cut out - remember that our design process is to create a prototype and embody many ideas - and some of them may be what we still build for APEX Legends. The search for this material in no case confirms that it will ever come out. In the best case, you should perceive any messages about this as rumors, and real information will come from us when we will be ready to show what will happen next. , 1st season and Battle Pass very soon, although this information has already accidentally leaked.

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