Apex Legends: It's so hot, cold and cool

The new APEX Legends shooter map in season 3 is a nightmare in the package. Law fields on the one hand, ice floes on the other.

A new card seems to be a little more than the launch card of APEX Legends. While the new arena is still blocking the winding abysses with jagged cliffs, its territory is slightly flatter than the massive inclined valleys of the Kangs Canyon, which makes you much more vulnerable to snipers in open spaces.

Starting Planning Your Drops. #APEXLEGENDS #season3 vj7Weoyaeo

- Rodney Rece (@Rodnyreece7) September 30, 2019

To compensate for this, the urban areas of the new map are much denser and stretch much higher than any of the small ones than any of the small ones buildings last season. In the north there is a real city with multi -storey skyscrapers and apartment buildings.

In the same place this bloody huge train puffs throughout the map. It is ideal for both quick passage and for inspecting the sights of the new arena, and all this without costs.

In addition to the new map, season 3, APEX Legends adds a powerful legend - crypto. Now we have a better idea of ​​the abilities of the crypto, including the manner of drone, which can automatically kick enemies and run a powerful explosion to instantly unsettle them.

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