Apex Legends: It will appear on Steam with the release of 7 season

The large transition of Electronic Arts on Steam will continue in November with the long -awaited launch of the Apex Legends command shooter, which will take place with the release of the 7th season on November 4, 2020.

The version will support Crossplay , so you can mix the game with your friends and, more importantly, your progress can be transferred, you can switch from Origin to Steam (and vice versa, if you need it) without losing a step of progress.

This is a switch that you most likely want to do at least once, since everyone who enters the system through Steam for 7 seasons will receive several free skins for weapons in the style of Half-Life and Portal.

EA, have not yet told about the 7th season APEX, but there is a teaser for the appearance of a new legend:

[Incoming Transmission] Origin: Unknown 3P88HFOH70

- APEX Legends (@PlayApex) October 21, 2020

Right now APEX Legends is in the midst of the event or be afraid, including the temporary regime "Royal Battle of Shadows" on the Canyon Kings map, as well as Cosmetic objects in the style of Halloween, tests and a separate list of awards.

All details of APEX Legends events on EA.com.

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