APEX Legends: Mass Bank Figams Zam

last week in the blog of the developers of the free royal battle of Apex Legends, the Drew McCoy, the Respawn Entertainment team, worked hard to destroy scammers in the game and promised the players that they would soon have more detailed update. The last update is presented in the form of a new developer blog, in which Macca says what exactly the team did to combat fraud, and identifies the results. results. Obviously, the recently implemented in -game tools for creating reports greatly facilitated the work of the developers, providing the players with a direct channel for reports of suspicious behavior, and at the moment about 770,000 cheaters were banned. And more than 4000 accounts of cheats sellers have been banned over the past 20 days. In addition to everything, the developers blocked the creation of more than 300,000 accounts, and they report that the total number of coincidences "affected by scammers or spamers was reduced more than half over the past month." The fight against fraudsters in any online game is largely endless, but it seems that Respawn is not going to stop there and is going to destroy the schemes of the villains.

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