Apex Legends Mobile receives positive reviews

Apex Legends Mobile, I quietly came out last week on Android and iOS devices around the world with the new eruption card and a new legend from another dimension, fade.

"Ignasio Humani was the youngest child The family of hunters for military equipment. Together they earned a living, "obtaining" the weapon and selling it to the one who pays more. Being a youngest child, Ignasio made sure that no one would notice his relatives, but it always seemed to him a little. Therefore, he concluded a contract with a mysterious client and got him a suit. But it was a trap: Ignasio’s relatives died, and his suit himself threw it into another dimension. The guy went a long way, but he finally returned to find justice and atonement in APEX games. He cannot turn time and save his family, but on the battlefield he not only commands his fate, but also the fate of those who are on his fly. "

although the game was generally It is well accepted by the mobile game community, it is not devoid of disadvantages. Players flooded Reddit with a stream of error messages and complaints about the overstated prices of microtransactions, as well as requests from friends to get a free skin.

You can familiarize yourself with the official exit trailer below and with full notes to the exit here.


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