Apex Legends: New Legend Doctor Horizon

On the eve of the release of the 7th season of the APEX Legends shooter next week, Electronic Arts released a new trailer, which is presented by Dr. Mary Somers, also known as Horizon, who is almost 100 years old after her partner betrayed her and betrayed her and He left to die on the edge of the universe.

a slow, lonely death in the cold darkness of the cosmos itself is a rather poor situation, but what really bad is that Horizon left the at home of a little son, promising to return after fulfilling after fulfilling Mission to search and return a new source of energy, which can save her native planet Olympus. Her luck gives her the opportunity to avoid a terrible death and although she is returning, there is already too much 87 years time has passed, and her son is no longer.

The new season will begin on a new map called Olympus, which has not yet been detailed information . The update also tells how the rating glasses will now work when the cross-game is enabled.

7th season Apex Legends starts on November 4, on the same day the game will finally appear on Steam.

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