APEX Legends: Perhaps 10 new legends will appear in the future

Here you have a riddle associated with the release of new legends in the Royal Battle of Apex Legends. The successful Respawn project has just opened 10 new legends, including the octane and Watson.

SHRUGTAL Datamainer managed to find an additional list of legends by bringing the total number of not released characters to 10. It is obvious that some of them may not be released at all Or radically changed during this time, but it is very likely that some of them, if not all, will appear in APEX Legends. However, it can pass for several months before you see them all.

One user approached the creation of a layout that includes new characters:

Last to not spam you But User Surgent179 Edited Your Mock-up with Their Respective Characters (If We Right) Z4TTX50DB3

-HUNGRY DVA (@Frozenfro) MARCH 11, 2019The threat to the royal battle Fortnite, and therefore Respawn probably plans content for at least a couple of years.

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