APEX Legends: Talks about intra -game events

This month, Respawn organized the Iron Crown Collection event in the APEX Legends shooter, which attracted a large number of players. The biggest problem was that some intra -game objects, in particular legendary skins, were available only through exclusive packages.

Apex ultimately admitted that the event "did not get into the target" and moved the legendary skins to the standard APEX storage in turn, but this apology only led to further accusations, which ultimately led to an apology to fans From the general director of Respawn Vince Zapopella.

In the end, the developers decided to state in more detail the options for events that you can see in the future in the APEX Legends:

player- the games of the game are large, And, generally speaking, they will include the main update of the map, a new legend, new elements, "fleshy" changes, updates in the rating mode, possibly some new functions and a new combat pass.

- Collective events, Such as the "Iron Crown" will be very similar to thematic events, but on a slightly smaller scale; Respawn also emphasized that the cosmetics proposed during the collection events will be available both in special boxes and for a direct purchase.

- thematic events (the next will be released in early September), such as "legendary hunting" , will be held during the season and, again, as a rule, will have a mode limited in time, specific for a particular case of a task with cosmetics and a mixture of evergreen and limited cosmetics for direct purchase.

"The main goal of all these events is to add new methods of the game so that we keep the game fresh and interesting for our players. Each of these events has a unique topic with various components, but has a common structure, "said the director of product management.

The next thematic event of the Apex Legends will begin in early September and will be devoted to a "person who knew the subtlety of interdimensional movement" - most likely it will be a "rapper", while the new collection event will be held in October.

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