APEX Legends: The event "Fight or be afraid" has begun

Today the APEX Legends event "Fight or be afraid", in which ghosts, ghouls and all sorts of terrible things fell into the Royal Battle of Respawn. Over the next three weeks, familiar heroes will dress in their terrible costumes, lay out bullets and grenades to any scoundrel who has the courage to go to cunning or treatment in the radiant ring of the murder.

But the most terrible trick (and the most delightful pleasure) - this is the new mode of the game "Time of Shadows", the terrible result of the mixture of Left 4 Dead and Titanfall in the boiler of the old witch.

"Fake or Fear" comes with many terrible new skins for the same legends of APEX. Most of the heroes put on a Halloween suit, which you can see in the trailer below. They can be earned by completing a number of tasks of combat passage or making a purchase. But while "Beat or Fear" was built on demonstrations of new cosmetics, "Time time" is a new temporary regime and this is an absolutely exciting show.

it is nice to return to the Kangs Canyon and all that, but so far you were absent , around it became creepy. When you die in the "Time of Shadows" mode, you become a dead and member of the army of a detachment of shadows. It turns out to be in APEX is great. As a corpse, your health has decreased by a third of the norm and you cannot use weapons. But you will be a quick and quick corpse, and you can apply powerful blows in close combat. Despite the fact that in such an open space it is quite difficult to find inhabitants, you can overcome many plots of land with a record speed. In addition, the game constantly kicks the card so that you know when someone is killed. It is like a warning for the survivors.

"Fake or Fear" will be held from today on Tuesday, November 5.

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