APEX Legends: The first military pass caused indignation

The first military pass of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends only started, and the players' discontent has already appeared. You mainly buy a 90-day indicator of progress, as well as some tangible goals and awards. Although there are many players who will play APEX Legends and without an additional incentive, this is an additional impetus for players interested in cosmetic updates and new trophies.

players in Reddit compared this Function with Mozambique Templates - a link to memes about the worst weapons of APEX Legends. There are many things in combat missing, but many of them are not distinguished. While Fortnite offers the legendary skins that fit into the game system, most of the objects of the APEX Legends season is a loot that looks like it was repainted. Part of the argument of the community is that the military pass is not as luxurious as Fortnite. Each season of Fortnite combat pass, one clearly legendary skin for those who reach the 100th level offers. But the path there is also not painful - there are a lot of funny and exciting skins and emotions that can be opened along the way. And to get them, Fortnite has small funny problems. Dancing in a certain place on the map or falling to a certain place are an incentive for experiments and studying the constantly changing Fortnite card. These are small details that obviously do not change the gameplay, but affect the course of the game, providing players with new difficult tasks, such as an increase in the number of players, in a certain part of the card. that it does not look like Fortnite - idiotic calls and cartoon production will probably be inappropriate in APEX. Instead, the problem is that Respawn does not perform the structure to create something really special, the practice that the studio expects after smart changes, such as the Jumpmaster function or the APEX ping system.

despite the fact that that a combat pass is a profitable transaction, it does not have awards that are very attracted to Apex Legends.

the day before Respawn has already turned to criticism in his blog, in which he outlined his philosophy for the first Battle Pass. "The first season is to focus on the game and allow players to receive awards for an excellent price," wrote the leading product manager Apex Legends Lee Horn. "We will add more and more innovations every season as combat missing develops." They are ready to change the situation in the future. "Although we think that in quests and tasks for future combat passages there is a really cool space for development, we wanted the original version to allow players to simply play and study the game," Horn wrote.

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