APEX Legends: The first season has officially started

The first season of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends officially begins today with the release of the first combat pass and the addition of the first new character after launch - Oktin.

Combat pass, provides players with hundreds of levels for passing, each of which gives a brilliant reward for The completion, including new cosmetics, tracking statistics and much more. Two variants of combat passes are offered: a standard combat pass that can be bought for 950 APEX coins, as well as the so -called combat pass kit for 2800 APEX coins, which is actually a standard combat miss for the first 25 levels.


In the new season, the first legend - Octane will also be presented after the launch of the game. This cybernetic adrenaline addict has the ability to sacrifice its health in order to increase the speed of movement, although its passive ability will allow it to slowly restore lost health when they do not shoot at it. Its final opportunity allows him to throw launching sites to the ground, allowing his teammates (and everyone who encounters them) to bounce into the sky to quickly increase speed and mobility. Octan is not tied to combat passage; It can be bought for 750 APEX coins (, just like a mirage and caust.

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