APEX Legends: What is known about the first military pass

The first military pass of the Royal Battle of Apex Legends is already somewhere ahead, and, of course, many have questions. Fortunately, with the hints that the Respawn public statements filled, there is already a good idea of ​​what to expect.

according to the 2019 official roadmap, released by Respawn, the first season will begin in March (and the second in June) , so it is likely to be expected to be expected in mid -March. As expected, every season will cover three months.

Respawn has not yet been told about the exact value of the combat pass, but they hinted that the exclusive seasonal content will be unlocked "through the gameplay", it seems logical to assume that it will be that it will be Follow the models like Fortnite or Pubg.

What will include a combat pass? Here is what has been confirmed at the moment:

- new cosmetics (skins for characters and weapons, banner cosmetics, quip, decoration);

- new legends (probably 1-2 for season);

- new weapons;

- new booty.

it is still unknown whether new legends will be included or they will continue to open exclusively through the tokens legends (free currency obtained for raising). Kaustik and Mirage - the first two legends that need to be unlocked - are 12,000 tokens of legends, and future legends will probably be similar.

But this is of course only assumptions, we will wait for the developers. >

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