Apex Legends will open a new e -sports league

Electronic Arts will open a new e -sports league at the beginning of the next year called Apex Legends Global Series, in which players from around the world will fight for a prize of more than $ 3 million. The competition will be open to all players satisfying qualification requirements, with online tournaments leading, regional Challenger tournaments and global premieres, and, ultimately, with APEX Legends Global Series Majors.

During the year, four Major tournaments will be held: the first three are players in 100 teams of three players, receiving a prize fund of $ 500,000 for the competition, and the fourth will present the 60 best teams of the world in a grand final battle with a prize pool of 1 million dollars. All four tournaments will operate in accordance with the Match Point Rules, which were introduced in September at a preliminary invitation of Apex Legends Presseason: instead of a direct battle for the last place, the detachments should score glasses based on murders and accommodation, for consecutive rounds. As soon as the detachment collects enough points, Match Point is activated, and the next win of this detachment gives a general victory.

The trick is that other detachments can continue to earn points and at the same time receive the right to Match Point, which means, which means, That the teams should play sequentially throughout the tournament and be able to make a deal when the time comes.

"The basis of the APEX Legends is the competition," said the head of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zapopell. "We expect e -sports will play a big role in the future of Apex Legends, and it all starts here with the Apex Legends Global Series. We are looking forward to which of our millions of players will become real legends of the arena. "

The first online tournament of Global Series will take place on January 25 and 27, and registration should begin in early January. Additional online selection tournaments are scheduled for February and March, and the first Major, which will be held at the Esports Arlington stadium, is scheduled for March 13-15. Complete information and official rules can be found on PlayApex.com.

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