Apple makes an epic for hosting and his games

A couple of weeks before the start of the EPIC VS Apple, EPIC added an application to Epic Games Store. It seemed that it was a step to show how inclusive and happy was Epic, posting another window in her store, but now Apple used it as a gun against them. Last Friday, on the 5th day of the trial, Apple made it clear that an excellent indie store is an evil-demon application that sells the games "so offensive" that they cannot talk about them in court.

EPIC added ITCH application to its store in April (along with several other non-game applications such as Spotify and Brave Internet browser). Epic does not check the games posted on, because it is a third -party application, and, as Epic mentioned during the trial version, ITCH has its own moderation systems. This seemed to have no prevention from Apple to assume that Epic was to blame for users of access to "offensive and sexual applications."

The main reason why Apple now pulled itch into the test is that she is that she It affects the very essence of their main claim to EPIC, namely: Apple will not post other applications stores in its App Store. Nevertheless, if Apple is worried about purely porn, there is bad news for them about all those Internet browsers that their store offers.

You can read the full transcript of the conversation of the Apple lawyer with the general manager Epic Games Store on The Verge.

No matter how original (and anxious) these statements are, the judge also asked several questions. This was mainly done so that the judge could understand how these "insulting" applications can be loaded, but the mention of ITCH in this context looks like a small blow from Apple. In the courtroom, where there are a lot of people who do not know anything about, besides what they just said, this greatly simplifies the platform that plays an important role in the wider industry.


If you are also not familiar with, this is a great window for indie developers, which allows them to quickly create pages to sell their games. Developers can set prices or allow players to pay how much they want. ITCH also has many free games and thousands of good things. ITCH also has many adult games. More daring things are hidden behind the filters, so you don’t have to see them if you do not want.

The trial of Epic vs Apple has already smoothly crossed for the second week, so it is still unknown what we will learn further. And most likely it will drag on.

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