Apple refused to restore the Epic developer account

In accordance with the recently adopted decision of the judge in the trial between EPIC and Apple, Apple will be obliged to resolve third -party payment options in its applications.

in August last year, Fortnite was removed from iOS App Store after As EPIC secretly included the possibility of direct payment of V-Bucks, bypassing the purchase system in Apple applications and a 30%reduction. This caused a large protest against the "monopolistic" rules of the Apple App Store, which were transferred to the court at the beginning of this year.

recently in South Korea, a new law prohibiting the exclusivity of payment systems inside the applications and legally forcing Apple to resolve Alternatives to purchases in applications for digital goods. Today, EPIC announced its intention to overpower Fortnite for iOS in South Korea with its own payment system.

for this, Apple will have to restore the EPIC developer, which Apple closed due to violation of the August 2020 rules that violate the conditions of service . During the trial, Apple has repeatedly stated that Fortnite will return the App Store if the option of direct payments is deleted to comply with the App Store rules. They stated that they would not punish Epic for participating in a judicial dispute.

However, what Epic offers on this Twitt is not quite the same. Epic wants to launch Fortnite with an intact third -party payment system, because now on its side the support of the Law of South Korea.

, for its part, Apple has not yet updated the App Store rules to take into account the situation in South Korea, since the law is not yet He entered into force.

at the time of the adoption of the law, Apple said that, in her opinion, permission to use third -party payment systems will undermine users' trust in all purchases made in the App Store. Critics will say that Apple is more motivated by money, and that the elimination of IAP exclusivity threatens the profit center, namely 15-30% of the Apple commission from purchases in the application.

Over the past months, Apple has already weakened some rules in stage Investigations, as a result of calculations with others, including a noticeable announcement last week that Apple will allow the readers to refer to their websites for registering an account.

Apple states that Epic is currently at the present time "There are no legal grounds for restoring the developer’s account."

Epic Games, Tim Suini, published a letter received in response to the request for Apple to restore Fortnite in the App Store. "Apple informed Epic that Fortnite will be entered in the Apple ecosystems until all the judicial appeals are exhausted, which can take up to 5 years," Twitter wrote with a copy of the full letter.

"Epic committed a deliberate violation of the contract and abuse of trust, hiding the code from Apple and making the distortions and omissions related to this," answered Apple. "In its decision, the court recognized that" Apple had contractual rights to act in the same way. They simply ensured compliance with these rights, as Epic’s own internal documents show. "

" In the light of this and other statements made after a court decision, in combination with the two -faced EPIC behavior in the past, Apple does not restore it at its discretion EPIC developer accounting program is currently. In addition, Apple will not consider further recovery requests until the decision becomes final. "

although the judge’s decision really follows the same new law in Korea, where third -party payment options should be available, another of it The side means that Apple still has large levers of influence on what is and what is not in the App Store. EPIC also must still Apple 30%discount that it was required to provide when the game was on the App Store, and due to an attempt to get around the initial system. It will be associated with a winding road of court appeals and court decisions. And this is not counting that Epic has yet to solve the issue with Google.

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