Archeage: A new version of the game will appear in Europe

The European publisher of Gamigo Games recently announced the imminent launch of a new version of its widely successful MMORPG Archeage. In MMORPG Archeage: Unchained, which will be released this fall, players will be able to access the entire ArcheAage universe only once paying for the game. Strengthening items available for purchase in the free version of the original ARCHEAGE game can now be obtained by all players for in -game currency.

According to the publisher: "Archege: Unchained will represent a new version of the game with another form of a business model. The monetization system was completely changed, which could not be implemented in the current version of Archeage. In addition, Archeage: Unchained is not a subscription game, it will be enough to purchase a game once to gain access to all intra -game purchases. "

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