Ark 2 with diesel wines

At The Game Awards, the sequel of the popular game about survival on the ARK: Survival Evolved dinosaur with a cinematic trailer was announced, which showed (naturally) dinosaurs, a beautiful small child and Vin Diesel, which is the leader of the tribe .

It is still unknown when it is planned to exit Ark 2 but, according to Studio WildCard, new information will appear soon.

Proud to announce, tonight at the tga's:

? ark II Starring Vin Diesel as Santiago

? ark: the animated Series Exploena 'Story

Catch the Official Hi -rez ark II Trailer Rendered in-Engine Using Game Assets, and An Extended Animated Series Trailer, Tomorrow A.M!

?? jpctpv16va

- ark: survival evolved (@survivetheark) December 11, 2020

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