Arma 3: After 7 years, it reaches version 2.0

The first -person military shooter Arma 3 was released in Steam in 2013 and has been developing since then thanks to numerous updates, additions and even the invasion of aliens.

there was a shooting "Fire Course" - this is a complex regime At the time you must pass in 2 minutes, and the players receive a gold medal as a reward. Experienced players in ARMA can also notice several surprises from previous versions of the game.

After updating 2.0, players will also be able to share their compositions from ARMA 3 right in Steam Workshop.

"compositions can include anything, from full-scale military camps to specific checkpoints or checkpoints, Halloween festival or something else," said Bohemia Interactive. "Sharing their unique compositions through Steam Workshop, the creators of the ARMA 3 content can help each other quickly and easily create extensive, detailed and atmospheric scenarios." Now on Steam at a good discount.

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