Arma 3: Contact will introduce the aliens

Arma 3 military simulator will be slightly classified. The ARMA 3: Contact, announced last month, talks about the established first contact with an alien life.

Along with the science fiction campaign, the addition will also present many new resources that can be used in the rest of ARMA 3, and the new Contact trailer gives us the opportunity to see what we can play outside the mission, Including 164 square kilometers of a map with a new area.

Livonia is a moderate summer map with many forests and fields, an ideal place for peaceful wandering, abounding in cities and railways. The attractions include many old bunkers from the Second World War, the old military plant and the radar station. I hope the aliens will not spoil it.

Despite the fact that "contact" allows you to deal with many objects that are not related to battle, it still represents many new military toys that can also be used in other places. Five new weapons, as well as converted Arma 3 cars and equipment unique to new fractions. You can even drive a tractor!

Arma 3: Contact complement is scheduled for July 25.

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