Artifact: an introductory tournament and pre -order

Yesterday, the familiarization tournament of the collection card game Artifact began. You can watch the video below to have an idea of ​​the game Artifact.

According to the developers, you can also configure your combinations of cards, Valve has released tools that will allow players to import any decks , which they created online right in the game.

The developer released a tool that will allow third-party artifact sites to extract images and text from the card directly to the web page, which will simplify the joint use of codes created for customs collections. You can copy and insert these codes directly into Artifact to add cards to the game or view your deck in the online browser Valve.

kki artifact can already be ordered on Steam, your purchase of the game will include 10 sets cards, 5 tickets for events and two full starting decks. Let me remind you that the release of the game is scheduled for November 28, 2018.

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