Artifact: The first tournament will be held next week

The ARTIFACT collection card developer announced that in the framework of preparation for the release of the new project of the company, an acquiring ARTIFACT tournament for 128 players with a prize fund of $ 10,000.

"10 and On November 11, an familiarization tournament in the game Artifact will be held with the participation of 128 players who will compete for receiving a prize fund in the amount of 10,000 US dollars. The draft tournament conducted by the Beyond The Summit and broadcast on the SteamTV website will be held through the Swiss system in 7 rounds on Saturday. On Sunday, in a grid of 8 finalists playing among themselves to fly, the tournament champion will be determined. Matches on both days of the tournament will begin at 20:00 in Moscow

the competition will be held in the in -game tournament system, which will be available to all users on the day of the game - November 28, 2018"-published on the project website.

Let me remind you that Artifact is released on November 28, but the beta version is scheduled nine days earlier than November 19.

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