Artifact: The first update adds two new decks and tournaments

KKI Artifact received its first update "Call of the Battle". The update added two new decks, new tournaments, college support and a chat wheel.

Now each hero and Crype has a fully voiced dialogue that you can control by choosing dialogs in the chat wheel. You can also send user messages using cards or invite people to the Steam chat. Messages from enemies can be blocked during the match if your opponent begins to frankly annoy you.

If you want to take part in the tournament, but your real life does not leave you time to engage in the organization, there are open Tournaments. These are automated short tournaments, to which, according to Valve, you can join "almost without effort." It will take you only one click. In the first open tournament, exclusively ordinary cards are used, although you can change your deck after each match. There is also a new free tournament mode that gives the players three hours to call any number of rivals. After three hours, a player with the largest number of victories will be declared the winner.

The event "Call of the Battle" puts players against each other using ready -made decks, and several new ones have been added in this update. The deck "dark aggression" is the destruction of the mana of your opponent using a map of the oath, and guns and turrets will help you destroy enemy towers. Meanwhile, the "anger of heaven" uses extermination as its main map and allows you to destroy enemies with spells, destroying them or even forcing them to fight with each other. Win these battles, and you will fall on a new table of leaders, which is dumped every two weeks.

you can read complete information about the patch here. Another update is also in development. It should be released next week and show a new progression system.

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