Artifact: The update destroyed some expensive maps

The company-developer of the KKI Artifact Valve has changed its position in the development of the project. Update "become a legend" includes some significant changes in maps, such as the ACC, the most expensive Artifact card, as well as new functions, including account levels and the rating system.

while developers earlier The ideas adhered to the idea that the cards should never change, with the exception of some exceptions, their philosophy suddenly changed.

eight cards were changed by this update, including several outstanding, such as drow, deceit of death and the aforementioned ACS. AKS, one of the most powerful Artifact cards, can be sold for $ 30. This is more expensive than the game itself.

The basic statistics of the ACC changed from 7/2/11 to 6/2/10. He still has two protection and his unusual ability, but now it inflicts less damage and has less health.

If you bought one of the cards that have been changed by the update, you can sell it back to Valve, But only for the maximum price within 24 hours.

In addition, a number of functions were added. For example, a rating can be issued for a while depending on the game mode. And the system of levels and awards will give you the opportunity to gain experience that will pump your account. The higher the level, the more different useful things you can get.

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